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How to meet woman for domination fetish?
If you have strong desire of dominating a woman in bed; then you are surely a domination fetish addict. It is a sexual form in which men feels aroused on making a woman her personal slave. The game involves tying her up to bed/ chair, cutting her dress off her and having sex with her.  The fetish is similar to rape only difference is that here woman consent is allowed else no games are played.Domination fetish is best suited for office goers who have hot snobbish lady as their boss on their head. You can think of controlling her in bed imagining your wife or GF. You can force yourself on her simultaneously shouting your boss name and abusing her verbally. You will feel much better after domination game as you will release all your anger and frustration on your partner. Make sure you do not hurt her.

But it is easier said than done, most women are uncomfortable with bonding act as it can hurt them physically.  Hence, it is very hard your wife or GF would be ready for this. It can be more problematic for single person as they have to make girlfriend initially. And, if they do, no girl would be willing to play in these sorts of games. In fact, there is strong chance that she may call you psycho or pervert.  One thing you can look is go for mistresses.But, it can cost you a lot as domination fetish takes 5 to 6 hours. That can cost you a lot as mistress charge per hour for service.

The best option would be to go for domination clubs or social network based on domination. Here, you can meet lots of woman having similar taste as you. You can meet models, college students, corporate girls and bored housewives for pleasure. You can browse through their profile, chat and meet in an appropriate place like hotel for sex. In fact, you can also learn about different domination fetish games too.  Domination Games are highly erotic only problem is that you have to be very cautious while doing this. Since it involves bonding, unintentionally men hurt women physically causing them much pain. That’s why most women even professional call girls too refuses to participate in this act. You can indulge in kissing, massage, apply ice, fondle her bosom anything that arouse your woman sexually.  Once your girl enjoys domination, she won’t like to settle for anything less.

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