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Face sitting

How to make most of Face Sitting Fetish
Face-Sitting is a sexual practice where a woman sits on face of a man. It is actually a role reversal where a woman plays a dominate role while man plays submissive one. When a man feels sexually aroused on this it is called a Face Sitting Fetish.Unfortunately most people have termed it as unhygienic and unhealthy. In contrast, this sexual practise is full of fun if you do it in right way. Consider these steps to make most of Face Sitting Fetish. These are


Simple Face Sitting: Just like you push your penis deep inside her vagina; here you roll your tongue inside her vagina. Women get a high when you eat their pussy and there is higher probability that your wife/girlfriend would love it too.


Boob Grabbing:  Your partner sit on your face while you play with her bosom. You can also move your hands to her navel, lips even her face. She would definitely cum on your smooth touch simultaneously you would have your satisfaction too.


Massaging her back:  If you are not into boobs; then you can massage her back while she sits on your face. You can roll your tongue deep inside her vagina simultaneously running your hands over her bare back.  Just try this with your partner. She would definitely love this.


You can always look into social networking sites if you want to experience Face Sitting Fetish. There are specific social fetish based social networking sites. You can look into net and become member of any good site.  Once you become member, you can browse through various profiles, see lots of face sitting videos to get aroused, put your request on board and chat with lots of women interested in pleasing your desire. Once you have chosen a girl, you can call her to your apartment or meet in a hotel to satisfy your sexual gratification.


Fetish social network is perfect platform for single men as well as married persons whose partner is not interested in this. You can also check out call girls but since this sexual practice is considered a taboo; seldom any girl would be ready for this. And if she becomes ready, she might charge you a hefty amount pinching your pocket. So, better option would be to look into social networking sites.


You should not feel guilty if you get aroused on seeing a woman on man face.  It is completely normal. Some men get aroused by boobs, some by seeing a naked woman while some have fetish for skirts; whatever your sexual fantasy is, you should try to satisfy your urge rather than being a sitting duck and feeling frustrated.

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