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Some men get aroused on seeing a woman in medical form like nurse wearing a short skirt, a young lady doctor wearing overcoat, doctor examining patient etc. If you are that sort of person and looking for woman to satisfy your burning lust, then you should check out medical fetish sites where you can meet lots of hot woman (some of them real ones) willing to play a naughty doctor/nurse game with you. The game is highly popular even in married couples too.  Some of the medical fetish games that you could choose are:

Examining the patient:  You will be dressed up as doctor whiles your partner as patient. You can fondle her bosom on pretext of examining her, gave her a finger sex or make her lie on bed to touch/kiss her soft navel.  Examining the patient is the most common and popular medical fetish all over the world.

Anesthesia Fetishism: The erotic game involve giving anesthesia to your girl, taking off her clothes and indulge in whole body kissing, massage, whatever you like.

Temperature Fetishism:  Ideal for men who fetish about thermometer. You can put thermometer in your girl’s mouth simultaneously unzip her dress and run your hands on bare back or you can insert your loaded cock instead of thermometer to give her  a mind blowing oral job.


Banging the nurse: Your wife or GF can dress up as nurse and you as a doctor. You can call her to your room, take her dress off, make her lie on bed and ravish her beautiful body. The doctor nurse game is best played in dark corner where no one watches you having sex.

Nurse/Patient:   The medical fetish usually involves blowjob. You call the nurse on pretext of pain or examination, embrace her, kiss her or request her to take your cock deep inside in to release your pain.

Medical Fetish can be lot of fun, only drawback is you need proper environment to indulge in your sexual fantasy. You can buy a nurse or doctor dress online, make your storage room as clinic to indulge in sexual role play or you can look out for sites where you can get all necessary things for this game such as clinic, dress, examination equipment etc.
These medical fetish sites are ideal for single men as they can meet like minded girl for their sexual fantasy.

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