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Sexual Role play

If you are thinking of indulging in sexual role play with your partner, then you can consider following erotic games.

Boss/Secretary: Most common and popular game. You can dress yourself as boss and ask your partner as sexy corporate girl. You can make out in table, chair, even on floor just like raw animals. If you are not comfortable in home, you can rent an empty office for an hour and indulge in your naughty game.

Doctor/Nurse: You can play a doctor and your GF as sexy nurse or a patient. The game is ideal for medical fetish person who get aroused of seeing a woman in medical dress. You can make your partner lie on bed. Take off her dress, rip her panties and indulge in heavy kissing to make most of the moment.

Teacher/Student: A game where student is punished on not doing her work. The game is ideal to boost your male ego as the punishment involves taking her dress off, stripping her naked, indulge in doggie or oral sex. In the end, you are her master and have full right over her body.

Stripper: A sexual foreplay where a girl perform a striptease for her man. Once naked, she will come easily into your arms and you can kiss her till your heart content.

Salesman: A salesman or an electrician enters the house and rapes the housewife. A typical movie situation but highly enjoyable Sexual Role-Play. You can enter as worker, courier agent or anything you desire, tie your woman to the bed and indulge in your naughty games.

Cop/ Thief: You can dress up as cop while your partner acts as a thief. You can tie her up to the chair, fondle her bosom and strip her completely naked as shown in Hollywood movies.

The Sexual foreplay games are highly erotic and full of fun yet most people are not able to do this as they don’t get desired partner and location too.  However, some men and women taken the initiative and founded sites dedicated to sexual foreplay. Here you can put desired partners for your sexual fantasy, chat with them and satisfy your lust whenever you want. The best thing is that these networking sites have tie up with hotels, empty office spaces and some theatre artists who can arrange all things like dress, bed even write dialogues too for sexual foreplay. You would feel like working in an erotic movie.Net is full of Sexual Foreplay sites. Some have even online reviews too. You can browse through them and become a member of a site that suits your nature.

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