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If you get aroused no seeing a woman smoke, then definitely you have smoking Fetish symptom. It is sexual practice where a person gets aroused on seeing other one smoke.  The person (in most cases it’s man) start imagining taking her clothes off, kissing her passionately and ravishing her womanhood. For some men, smoking fetish is an urge to tame strong independent woman. If you are into this, then you better satisfy your sexual gratification rather than remaining depressed. Unfortunately, most people think of it as a taboo, hence most people avoid it.


If you are married, you can better ask your wife. Most probably, she will agree because women are fond of adventures in bed. You may ask her to appear in lingerie or wear sexy latex with a puff in her hands. Once aroused, you can run your hands over her smooth figure, fondle her bosom or enjoy her in your own way.  In case, your partner is not comfortable or you are single, then dating sites would be the best option to check out.  In fact, if you search for smoking fetish in Google, you will find lots of sites based only on this theme. You can become member of any good site; arouse your body temperature through sexy smoking fetish galleries and videos. You can also communicate with girls who love smoking; you can chat and meet any of them to satisfy your lust.


The main reason behind women saying no to smoking sex is that men unintentionally put burning cigarettes on their bosom, navel causing them much pain. Most men got carried in emotions without realizing that they are hurting their partner.  This causes much resentment in women which leads to saying no to smokers. If you want to have fun, then you should win confidence of your partner while making out. You can start with sweet kisses to stimulate her passion later push yourself deep inside her body while she cracks the puff.


Smoking Fetish is full of fun only problem is that you have to ensure safety of your partner. There is another risk of catching the smoking habit too. Most people pick up smoking habit while making out.  In case, you are not into smoking, you have to make sure that you don’t catch habit of smoking.  After all, whatever you say or fantasize about, smoking is bad for your health. So, enjoy this erotic game but don’t catch its bad habits at all.

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